GRC and Integrated IT Risk Management

Implement a holistic approach to managing governance, risk, and compliance across hybrid multicloud environments

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GRC Governance

Caveonix Cloud’s GRC solution enables organizations to implement, maintain, and demonstrate consistent controls, processes, and procedures for applications across hybrid multicloud environments.

Establish Controls Efficiently

Caveonix Cloud works with over 30 global compliance controls to ease the implementation of compliance with baseline policies and industry regulations.

Integrate GRC, CSPM, and CWPP

Caveonix has the only platform delivering continuous hybrid multicloud governance in a unified platform with CSPM and CWPP.

Implement Custom Controls

Implement ITGC and custom controls with time-saving features like artifact generation and uploading.


Implement common frameworks including NIST Risk Management Framework with Task and Plan of Action & Milestones Management.

GRC Continuous Compliance

Our GRC solution helps organizations implement and maintain continuous compliance with established policies and regulations across hybrid multicloud environments.

Assess Control Implementation

Assess automated controls for presence and proper configuration and document automated and non-automated controls.

Demonstrate compliance with ease

Demonstrate compliance with a click and reduce the effort to create and maintain compliance packages by 50-70%

Detect Compliance Drift

Continuously monitor compliance across hybrid multi cloud environments and detect compliance drift in near real-time.

Manage Compliance at the Application level

Map controls test to specific applications to demonstrate the evidence needed to comply with regulations.

Integrated IT Risk Management (ITRM)

Caveonix Cloud ITRM

Caveonix Cloud’s Integrated IT Risk Management solution enables organizations to understand and manage the full scope of risk across hybrid multicloud environments. With a solution that unifies CNAPP, CSPM, CWPP, and GRC, organizations gain the ability to understand and manage security, compliance, and other IT-related risks across a rapidly changing cloud environment.


Control, assess, and document risk

Manage risk events

Develop risk mitigation action plans

Monitor and communicate risks

Quantify and analyze risks

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