Solving Hybrid Cloud Security and Compliance Challenges

The Enterprise Workload Migration

According to the Cyber Security Insiders 2018 report, security, visibility, compliance, and setting consistent security policies, are the critical cloud security concerns facing organizations like yours.

Enterprises undergoing a digital transformation are adopting a hybrid cloud strategy that includes workloads in the private cloud as well as multiple external cloud environments. This environment is dynamic with constant configuration changes that result in an increasing volume, velocity, and variety of cyber threats, along with a rising number of industry and regulatory compliance requirements for enterprises to adhere.

Caveonix RiskForesight positions you to face these unique challenges head-on.

As your organization adopts hybrid and multi-cloud deployments, protecting Workloads from Cybersecurity and Compliance risks requires a new approach.


Providing Proactive Defense Against Risks to the Hybrid Cloud

The RiskForesight platform provides proactive workload protection from risks due to cyberthreats as well as increasing compliance requirements. It is a multi-tenant aware solution and implements the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) proactive Risk Management Framework.


We detect changes in your infrastructure through native integration into cloud orchestration platforms.


We help you predict cyber and compliance risks and ways to mitigate the risks based on information collected.


We enforce actions at all levels, using native API level integration into network, security and compute layers of the cloud infrastructure.

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Hybrid Cloud Workload Protection Platform

A comprehensive hybrid cloud workload protection solution allows service providers and enterprises to continuously detect, predict, and act on cloud security threats, vulnerabilities, and compliance requirements, offering deep, full-stack visibility into cloud infrastructure, platforms, applications and workloads to prevent future attacks.

and Control


Continuous visibility of workload deployments at scale allowing you to see your Cyber and Compliance risks.


Automated Assessment


Receive automated assessments of risks due to changes in the workload and vulnerabilities.


Continuous Risk


Detect IT, cyber and compliance risks and mitigate those risks in order of priority for protection of the hybrid cloud workload.




Active defense for each workload using predictive analytics risk modeling with agentless enforcement.


RiskForesight’s Detect, Predict and Act modules provide continuous visibility to workload deployments, predicts risks using Machine Learning and CaveoIQTM Risk analytics engine and acts to defend workloads across the hybrid cloud landscape.

Secure and Compliant Workload Deployments

With the Risk Management Control PlaneTM

Our Risk Management Control Plane (RMCP), for hybrid cloud deployments, provides the on-ramp for security and compliance through its Reporting and Protection planes of control.

Gain real-time visibility to cyber and compliance risk postures, while the protection control planes provide you with active defense of your workloads using a multi-level control plane that spans the full stack of network, security, compute, and application planes.

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Solutions for Service Providers

RiskForesight is the first multi-tenant Cyber Risk & Compliance Management platform for the hybrid cloud.

We afford service providers the ability to expand their service offerings by providing workload protection to their customers with premium compliance zones, self-managed service offerings and managed security services.

In addition, our solution extends your services by expanding into your tenants’ enterprise environment. The platform provides server workload-centric protection from cyber threats and regulatory compliance issues with agentless deep workload visibility and attack prevention capabilities, such as segmentation at various levels – IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

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