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CSPM, CNAPP, CWPP and GRC: Together at Last

With cloud security, compliance and governance on the best dashboard in the industry,
Caveonix has your cloud covered.

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The CSPM to
Build a Better Cloud

Caveonix is the industry’s only hybrid cloud security platform continuously monitoring
Cloud Security Posture Management.

CSPM with Caveonix Essential

A CWPP with
a Zero-trust Network

Deploy a Cloud Workload Protection Platform with a zero-trust network to secure your assets
and achieve regulatory compliance.

CWPP with Caveonix Professional

GRC Means Security
and Compliance
All in One Place

Align today’s objectives and requirements against the risks of tomorrow.

GRC with Caveonix Enterprise

Caveonix Named 2021 Digital Innovator by Intellyx


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Caveonix: Simplifying Digital Risk Management & Governance

With Caveonix, you control your cloud security posture management and continuously monitor compliance and governance of your full stack from a single, intuitive dashboard. Caveonix tools are so effective, you can reduce your time to deploy by more than 80%, and pass cloud applications through audit 90% faster.

Caveonix DefenseBot™, Reduce the Risk Window with Auto-Remediation

Digital workers that automate all your cybersecurity technical security controls, compliance assessments and remediation tasks from discovery through remediation across your hybrid and multi-cloud environments

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The Power of Caveonix



Cloud environments we support


The Caveonix Platform Provides 4 Hyperscale Cloud Security Modules


CSPM with Caveonix Essential

CSPM solutions are the first step to mitigating cyber attacks. Caveonix Essential provides continuous monitoring of your multi-cloud infrastructure application-aware visibility for your teams, to secure your enterprise’s current or soon-to-be cloud infrastructure.

Caveonix Essential covers your:

  • Cloud infrastructure and service Inventory
  • Cloud infrastructure security posture
  • Cloud infrastructure compliance posture

CWPP with Caveonix Essential

More than a CSPM solution, Caveonix Professional adds the benefits CWPP and an orchestration of a Zero-Trust network policy for deeper enforcement of security and compliance. Confidently secure your hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure and reduce the overall costs of compliance.

Caveonix Essential covers your:

  • Cloud Infrastructure and Service Inventory
  • Cloud Infrastructure Security Posture
  • Cloud Infrastructure Compliance Posture

CNAPP with Caveonix Professional

Today’s cloud-native applications are iteratively built and implemented in a DevSecOps Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline, often with complex, disparate security tools stitched together that don’t offer effective visibility into application risk and no ability to manage security team workflows for remediation and governance. With Caveonix Professional, you gain access to our Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) with integrated security and compliance capabilities delivering a holistic, continuous assessment and remediation DevSecOps approach across your hybrid and multicloud applications.

Caveonix Professional includes everything within Caveonix Essential plus:

  • Application Workload Security
  • Application Workload Compliance
  • Network Zero Trust policy

GRC with Caveonix Enterprise

No matter what industry or corporate regulations govern your cloud-based operations, Caveonix Enterprise makes customizing the rules that define your cloud easy and intuitive. Build the compliance environment that governs your industry and never fall out of compliance with autonomous ongoing checks.

Caveonix Professional includes everything included in Caveonix Professional, plus:

  • Integrated Continuous Cloud Governance
  • Workflow and Artifact Management
  • Common and Custom Controls

A trusted VMware and IBM Cloud partner

Read what our partners have to say about our services and let us provide you with the stability and security your enterprise deserves.



IBM Cloud partners with Caveonix

IBM Cloud integrates RiskForesight into its VMware solutions, offering it as a part of its reference architecture for Financial Services. Enterprises can overcome challenges of managing mission-critical workloads and build transparency, allowing them to move their VMware workloads into the IBM Cloud securely.


Caveonix offers VMware cloud provider partners a digital risk and compliance management solution

Vmware and Caveonix pair up to establish a hybrid cloud risk and compliance management solution as a service, leasing it to enterprises within the VMware Cloud Provider Program. By sharing the Caveonix platform to the world, service providers can effectively help enterprises mitigate the risks of security threats and easily meet government and industry standards.


Protect your cloud infrastructure with around-the-clock security

It’s easy-to-use, quick to adopt, and adaptable to your unique industry regulation and compliance needs. Sleep better at night with a digital risk management platform that never sleeps.