Automate Cybersecurity, Compliance, and Governance With NextGen Enterprise Risk Management Platform

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To simplify governance, mitigate risk, and reduce cost of compliance deployed in hybrid cloud, with a unified platform.

Quantify Risk Management

Implement quantitative approach to Enterprise Risk Management with clear identification and attribution of the risk. Get actionable insights with invaluable trend data and risk heatmaps for building a prioritized mitigation plan and strategies for maximum business impact.

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Drive Risk Informed Decisions

Monitor and stay aligned with evolving risk. Reduce the financial impact of risk with data-driven decisions on investments and prioritize mitigation grounded in qualitative and quantitative risk analysis.

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Streamline Cyber Risk Reporting

Build an efficient Enterprise Cyber risk reporting program by integrating business impact analysis with application risks. Map discovery of vulnerability or configuration issues for applications to the latest threat intelligence data and document risks based on automated data analytics.

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Reduce Cost of Compliance

Enhance efficiency and reduce costs by automating assessments and reporting of process and controls compliance using collaborative workflows. Monitor compliance by importing custom controls and utilizing a built-in library featuring 47+ regulatory frameworks. Generate comprehensive documentation and reports effortlessly with the document generator.

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Implement Insightful Governance

Simplify governance to improve your business impact. Enable continuous risk and controls assessment, gain data-driven actionable insights into your risk and make informed decisions in real-time—all while minimizing cost for optimal operational efficiency.

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