Caveonix for
Financial Services

Build and Maintain Customer Trust at Every Step

In the highly regulated financial services sector, securing your customers’ sensitive data and maintaining their trust is non-negotiable. Caveonix’s AI-powered GRC platform enables you to build customer trust through comprehensive enterprise risk management, continuous compliance, and streamlined audits. This reduces your TCO and allows you to concentrate on driving business innovation.

Manage Enterprise Risk with Ease

Navigate the enterprise risk management with 360° visibility into risks from cybersecurity, supply chain, privacy, and non-compliance. Caveonix’s AI-driven analytics engine provides Neural-InsightsTM to identify high impact findings with risk attribution to maximize risk reduction with minimal efforts.

Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication

Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council

New York Department of Financial Services

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard

Stay Continuously Compliant

Navigating the ever-evolving compliance regulations landscape is a constant challenge for financial firms committed to building and sustaining customer trust through compliance. Caveonix’s AI-powered platform simplifies this challenge by automating compliance controls assessments and efficiently addressing documentation, reporting, and monitoring requirements of local, national, and global regulations.

Eliminate Audit Stress

Experience stress-free audits with collaborative and automated controls assessments, evidence documentation with review and sign-off workflows for audit readiness. Complete risk and controls self-assessments, creation of risk register and validation of controls to face internal or external audits with confidence!

Defend Against Emerging Cybersecurity Risks

Identify potential vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and public exposures in business applications deployed across hybrid multicloud infrastructure. Leverage threat intelligence and risk analytics with auto-defense to proactively address cyber risks with mitigation prioritization.