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Accelerate ATO, Maintain Compliance, and Deliver on your Mission

Amid escalating cyber threats, our AI-powered, integrated platform empowers Federal agencies and departments to proactively manage security, monitor compliance and mitigate risks efficiently. Reduce the initial Authorization to Operate (ATO) timeline by 50 percent and expedite the recertification efforts by 90 percent.

Accelerate ATO for Timely Mission Delivery

Organizations struggling with timely completion and maintenance of ATO of their mission critical applications, can now benefit from the AI-driven automation. Experience seamless collaboration with intuitive UI, for timely ATO submissions. Operationalize applications to deliver on the mission, while maintaining organizational accountability, efficiency, and compliance with continuous monitoring.

Expedite Documentation and Reporting

Expedite ATO document creation with programmatic data-gathering, leveraging reusable and inherited controls while   incorporating System-specific automated controls assessments based on NIST 800-53a Rev. 4/5 requirements. Use the built-in or custom templates for agency-specific needs, enhancing efficiency in generating fully formatted Microsoft Word or Excel documentation for SSP, SAP, and SAR. Manage issues with POA&M workflows and reports.

Continuous Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

Leverage automated compliance controls monitoring aligned with NIST RMF to identify and address changes in your risk posture continuously. Our platform supports asset discovery, assessment, and seamless mapping of findings to compliance controls across the hybrid multi-cloud landscape. We implement risk mitigation workflows with automated reporting to facilitate reauthorization, demonstrating effective risk management and adherence to SLAs to qualify for Ongoing Authorization (OA) and build the foundation for Continuous ATO (cATO).

Save Time and Resources with Continuous ATO (cATO)

Build a resilient cATO infrastructure by integrating into your DevSecOps flow to provide assets, security and compliance visibility. The platform enables continuous monitoring of drift in compliance, and changes to the overall risk posture across the hybrid cloud technology stack, including containerized application deployments. It enforces policies, facilitates remediation, optimizes resource allocation, and automates reporting to bring evidence and efficiency for organizations seeking continuous authorization.

Optimize Supply Chain Risk Management

Get comprehensive visibility into both software (SBOM) and hardware asset inventory with process, controls and security assessments. Evaluate the risk posture of the software component with sources identification, version tracking, and vulnerability assessment. Streamline vendor risk assessment, reporting and mitigation planning with customizable workflows, notifications, and continuous monitoring of the supply chain.

Align with NIST Zero Trust Architecture

Implement the NIST or the DoD Zero Trust Architecture, safeguarding applications, assets, and workflows across hybrid clouds. Continuously monitor compliance across multiple pillars of Zero Trust and execute continuous diagnostics and mitigation (CDM) actions with automated proactive enforcement based on data-driven insights.

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