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Last week, we launched Caveonix Cloud 5.0, our fifth-generation offering!

Designed with advanced capabilities to simplify and seamlessly manage our customers’ security and compliance requirements, the next-gen platform provides customized and prioritized actionable insights unique to user roles.

Our comprehensive AI-powered, unified platform offers 360° protection against compliance, security, and governance risks. It employs automation to enable the following:

  • Full-stack visibility
  • Continuous compliance
  • Zero-Trust to execute policy enforcement easily
  • Risk prioritization for real-time detection
  • Auto-remediation

Furthermore, it includes a fully integrated eGRC and Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) with Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP). The platform capabilities are available in various bundles to address the requirements of multiple stakeholders, from the infrastructure team to security and compliance analysts to the leadership, including CISO, CRO, and CCO.

New platform capabilities include:


Our Neural-Insight AI™ engine continuously secures the entire DevOps cycle from coding to testing to deployment. Using the shift-left model, we check security configurations in Infrastructure as Code (IaC) before and during CI/CD pipeline deployment. We also ensure all potential risks are caught and eliminated at the source.  It provides 360º insights with intelligent, automated risk detection related to the IaC code (Terraform, Cloud Formation Scripts, Azure Resource Management scripts, Kubernetes configuration scripts) and factors in data from SAST and DAST code analysis tools and scans of the container image library. Users can also write custom policy checks with YMAL and REGO language.


The platform automates eGRC to standardize processes, model scenarios and better prepare for continuous ATO (cATO). It streamlines internal controls to work collaboratively with external requirements. Workflows can be created to ensure accountability, efficiency, and compliance.


Identify anomalies in user behavior, application behavior-based network flows between assets and applications containers and network flow anomalies by looking at runtime metrics, which are readily available in the network insights dashboard. Our AI engine identifies the anomalies and automatically quarantines the endpoints. Thus, localizing the infection and preventing the spread to other assets.

The platform’s unique DefenseBot™ technology allows workload and cloud-native service protection with surgical precision. Users can create customized action(s) for every unique service type on the public clouds such as AWS, GCP, and Azure.


We automate zero trust based on insights derived from the operational and runtime data that we collect and analyze. We unify the assessment of flows across the hybrid cloud estates for more effortless and seamless policy enforcement.


The dashboard is fully customizable based on the user and associated role. Each role, from security analyst to compliance analyst or an infrastructure engineer as well as a developer, can define their default dashboard and reorganize the widgets to customize per their needs.


Each user dashboard can have insights that are unique to their role. With a rich library of insights, users can quickly assess the risk and start taking action based on recommended prioritization. The insights dashboard supports different categories such as risk, compliance, CIEM, public exposure, network, policy violations, secure configurations, IAM, and serverless and containers.


The risk insights feature provides risk analytics and quantification. It can identify and assess new critical risk combinations mapped against crown jewel applications (from asset to application to the organization) with a graphical representation of the attack path, which enables a rapid understanding of the impact and actions needed for remediation.

The platform provides continuous protection to applications built on containers, cloud-native services, and traditional three-tiered architecture, enabling organizations to stay continuously secure and compliant.

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Learn more about Caveonix 5.0 new features and capabilities.