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Caveonix Achieves Security Hub Integration

Sep 2, 2021 7:08:00 AM

In February 2021, we launched Caveonix Cloud on AWS Marketplace, offering our risk and compliance posture solution to customers using AWS services. Since then, we’ve made strides and have enhanced our offerings and capabilities.

After a rigorous review of our architecture, we achieved APN Advanced Technology Partner Status, proving our expertise and commitment to helping customers successfully navigate their digital transformation. This distinguished recognition is only given to companies that demonstrate their experience and customer success against the criteria of AWS Technical Validation. It’s a milestone for our company, and we are grateful for all the support that helped us get there.

In addition to becoming an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Caveonix has achieved integration with AWS Security Hub. Security Hub provides a central repository for users to view and monitor findings and alerts from their AWS cloud-native services, as well as non-cloud native services. Caveonix is one of a select number of AWS Technology Partners to achieve a two-way integration with Security Hub, allowing our Caveonix Cloud solution to connect to all hybrid or multi-cloud environments to assess security and compliance posture. The integration allows all data to be aggregated through our centralized dashboard, presenting a comprehensive risk picture through a single lens.

Security Hub + Caveonix Cloud Capabilities

Our integration with Security Hub can be applied both for commercial customers and those working in AWS GovCloud. Caveonix Cloud works in conjunction with AWS cloud-native services to deliver risk, security and compliance posture data that can be used to assess business applications and ensure they are delivering on their mission – all in one, integrated console.

Caveonix Cloud enriches the information transmitted by Security Hub and allows users to manipulate data easily, dragging and dropping it into reports to fit any use case. Our SaaS solution helps curate valuable analytics and reports to monitor and maintain risk and compliance posture. To cite a specific example, Caveonix Cloud works in tandem with AWS GuardDuty to assess CRUD operations and offer threat detection and monitoring for malicious activity and unauthorized behavior to maintain security in AWS accounts. GuardDuty provides information needed to Security Hub to digest, and Caveonix Cloud performs analytics and generates needed reports, alerts and recommendations.

Deploying Caveonix Cloud in your AWS environment in conjunction with AWS cloud-native services adds valuable analytics tools for deeper insight into provisioning and security and compliance posture that needs attendance. Caveonix Cloud performs its functions through agentless risk management to keep processes simple and streamlined, and combines CSPM, CWPP and GRC for complete threat and compliance protection. In addition to external threat monitoring, Caveonix Cloud can identify internal threats and overprovisioning, alerting users of a potential compromise within their enterprise.    

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