Proactive Risk Management for the hybrid cloud at scale

The RiskForesight solution provides proactive workload protection from risks due to Cyberthreats as well as regulatory Compliance issues. The platform is fully integrated into VMware technology stack from vCD, vRA, vCenter to NSX for virtualized infrastructures. It provides real-time visibility into what is running through native integration into the VMware orchestration platforms and quickly develops a prioritized list of actions to mitigate those risks using risk reduction models. RiskForesight is a workload protection platform implementing a proactive risk management framework that can operate at multiple control planes such as network, compute, security and compliance while automating the implementation. It is a ready to deploy multi-tenant aware solution for Cloud Service Providers, Managed Service Providers or System Integrators. RiskForesight has been fully certified on VMware solutions implementing a virtualized infrastructure.

SKU Level UOM Pts per VM Min Pts per Month Min Pts Max VMs Per Month
VCAN-CAV-STD Standard Per VM 15 100 1,500 1,000
VCAN-CAV-EXT Extended Per VM 13.5 1,000 13,500 5,000
VCAN-CAV-CLA Classic Per VM 12.8 3,000 38,400 10,000
VCAN-CAV-PREM Premium Per VM 12.2 10,000 122,000 25,000
VCAN-CAV-GLOB Global Per VM 11.6 15,000 174,000 50,000




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