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Service Provider

A truly remarkable future of revenue opportunities for service providers

Provide your customers with an innovative multi-tiered and multi-tenant digital risk management solution and grow your service offerings to create new revenue opportunities. We work and collaborate with you to discover agile ways of working and provide countless businesses and enterprises globally with solutions that govern their digital transformation journey.


Become a trusted digital risk management advisor to your customers

Help your customers secure their business operations and improve their overall cybersecurity and compliance posture. Confidently provide your private or public sector customers with a proactive risk mitigation solution that protects all their assets and ensures adherence to over 25 industry- and country-specific compliance standards.


Offer Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Leverage our platform to provide private labeled SaaS offerings for your customers to self-manage their digital risks and compliance needs of their application workloads as they transition into hybrid or multi-cloud environments. 

Generate revenue from our platform and provide 3 leading offers to your customers:

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance Management as a Service (GRCaaS)
  • Cloud Security Posture Management as a Service (CSPMaaS)
  • Cloud Workload Protection as a Service (CWPPaaS)

Derive additional revenue and charge for other add-on infrastructure services such as log management or storage.

With the pre-packaged reporting and billing capabilities available to you with the 3 leading offers, you can market as a digital risk management SaaS solution. Quickly and easily


Offer Managed Security Services

Address your customer's digital risk and compliance needs on- and off-premise without the need for multiple tools, resources or high-level expertise. We provide you with:

  • Abilities to extend your services into your customer's on-prem and public cloud environments, 
  • Integrated dashboard that gives your team a single source of truth, to all things risk and compliance. 
  • Proactive hybrid cloud Security Posture Management 
  • Prevent all circumstances of a cyber compromise with Cloud Workload Protection
  • Continuously monitor and manage the drift in regulatory compliances.

Increase your visibility into your customer's application workloads, infrastructure and platforms while expanding your addressable market from a truly superior digital risk management platform.


Offer migration and outsourcing Services for your customer’s journey to hybrid cloud

Confidently build or transition your customers applications to hybrid and multi-cloud environments and accelerate their digital transformation journey. Leverage our multi-tenant private labeled platform to:

  • Improve your efficiencies and reduce your overall delivery costs with our automated digital risk management platform
  • Assess customers on-prem and/or cloud environments for current security and compliance posture
  • Map application inter-dependencies for migration planning
  • Build your migration plan with full application security and compliance insights
  • Efficiently manage your customer’s cyber risk posture and ensure their application workloads, infrastructure and platforms stay in compliance post migration
  • Provide customers with role-based dashboards to provide them with information specific to their unique needs. 

With the custom reporting and billing capabilities available to you, you can enhance your SI/SO offerings. Quickly and easily. 


Managed Security Services

Efficiently manage your customer’s cyber risk posture and ensure their application workloads, infrastructure and platforms stay in compliance. Take control over how your customers access data and provide them with a read-only visibility setting within the security compliance dashboard. Give your customers relevant information specific to their unique needs.

Core Features Background


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Visibility and Governance

Govern your customer's transition to hybrid and multi-cloud environments and utilize our platform to map out applications, critical to decreasing their attack surface. Provide your customers with application-aware visibility and governance across their off- and on-premise IT infrastructures to improve their cyber resilience. Protect your customer's data and execute the gold standard of cybersecurity, the Risk Management Framework (RMF) developed by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Through automation and risk-based analytics, our platform ensures your customer's assets are managed the right way.  

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Compliance and Audit Management

Simplify complex and arduous compliance and audit management processes and improve your ability to capture accurate data for an upcoming audit. Designed to automate your audit processes, our platform gives your team the confidence to easily manage governance and compliance workflows, and reduce the time spent on creating artifacts by 50%. Easily manage compliance and audit processes with a friendly user interface that ensures the platform's rapid adoption.  

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Proactive Threat Monitoring

Proactively protect your customer's cloud application deployment and take advantage of our platform's ability to prioritize what you need to fix automatically. Maintain your cybersecurity posture with risk scores, outlined to benchmark your current performance and eliminate vulnerabilities proactively. With our agentless system, you'll gain access to around-the-clock assessments of your customer's assets, to detect vulnerabilities before they become a threat. Stay ahead of cyber risks against your customer's hybrid cloud environment and strengthen their cyber resilience with minimal mitigation efforts. 

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Continuous Enforcement

Secure your customers business operations and continuously enforce the security and protection of their assets across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures. Increase your service offerings to respond to potential harmful user behaviors at the cloud's innovative speed with machine learning capabilities that mitigate the risks of human error. Monitor and control your customer's entire cloud activity by implementing a zero-trust network policy across their off and on-premise IT system environments in seconds. You can now identify and remediate drifts in compliance within your customer's infrastructures, quickly and easily. 


Set yourself up for digital risk management success

Use a digital risk management platform that you can trust, to secure your customer's journey to digital transformation and extend your business offerings for new revenue streams.