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Public Sector

Confidently secure your department and agency’s digital transformation journey

Global IT workloads are shifting to the cloud, and there's no stopping the move. From federal agencies to state and local governments, enterprises in the public sector are expediting their digital government services to improve efficiencies and better serve their citizens. Protect mission critical functions and secure your IT system environments by strengthening your cyber resilience. Digitally transform your public sector operations and automate complex risk mitigation and compliance workflows to confidently secure your agency's data.

Solutions- Public Hero

Keeping your public sector digital operations safe in an all-inclusive platform

Navigate through FISMA, FedRamp and CMMC with a digital risk management platform that reduces your overall compliance cost and secures your agency's mission-critical functions. Leverage automation and real-time data to your agency's current cybersecurity performance to proactively mitigate digital risks. Confidently move application workloads into cloud computing environments and effectively protect your agency's valuable information. 

Navigate through public sector regulation standards effortlessly



Easily meet the Federal Information System Management Act (FISMA) to protect your agency's confidentiality, integrity, and availability of mission-critical systems. 

Steer through the Assessment and Authorization (A&A) process to Authority to Operate (ATO), and automate procedures and documentation requirements. Identify high-risk issues that may occur in your infrastructure and utilize our platform's risk-based analytics to proactively protect your application workloads. Through automation, your IT professionals can:

  • Automate digital risk, compliance and audit management workflow processes
  • Ensure security controls are monitored and remain effective over time
  • Create compliance audit artifacts using templates
  • Continuously assess risks using the appropriate set of Information Assurance (IA) controls for Ongoing Authorization (OA). 

Streamline your complex auditing processes and reduce the time your team spends on creating artifacts by 50% through automation. Never miss an audit deadline again with our platform’s customized compliance audit reporting capabilities.



Provide your government agency with continuous adherence to government regulation, from our integration of compliance controls critical to the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRamp).

Easily evaluate across your infrastructure and application workloads with optimized security capabilities. Perform thousands of automated checks on all your private and public cloud assets with ease, mapped to FedRamp specific requirements alongside 25 other common security and privacy frameworks. Specific to FedRamp, our platform:

  • Automate application grouping using cloud tags
  • Select control baseline using categorization
  • Tailor controls by applying overlays on application groupings created through cloud tags
  • Inherit controls and assessments from cloud service providers and enterprise common controls to populate SSP, SAR and other artifacts. 

Accelerate your agency's digital transformation with FedRAMP compliant cloud native or containerized application deployments and assure ongoing compliance by automating continuous risk assessment and mitigation.



Stay ahead of your digital risks and ensure your agency's adherence to the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Program (CMMC). As a proactive response to compromises of mission-critical defense data, the US Department of Defense (DOD) now requires a unified standard for implementing cybersecurity across the defense industrial base (DIB). 

Your agency will effectively address the 5 level certification requirements with a fully comprehensive digital risk management platform that provides:

  • Cloud Compliance Risk Posture management for complete adherence to government regulations and standards such as NIST 800-171, CSF and 800-53
  • Automates Process documentation and Practices assessments.
  • Enterprise and cloud Workload visibility for easy workload assessment and reporting
  • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) for risk mitigation modeling and policy implementation.

Transform your digital risk mitigation efforts with a platform that provides continuous adherence to the CMMC Process and Practices at various levels of compliance. Trust us to help secure your enterprise for continued participation in DOD programs.

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Core Features Background


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Continuous Visibility

Gain full visibility into your workloads and risks across your hybrid cloud environments. Quickly determine the nature and location of risks, and take specific actions to limit threats in their tracks. Eliminate blind spots with multi-dimensional grouping of assets across data center locations, organizations and applications in your hybrid cloud. 

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Proactive Risk Management

Predictive risk analytics and risk mitigation quantifies risks to help manage your security and compliance risk postures. Eliminate threats and vulnerabilities with automated active defense. Quickly lower your compliance costs and optimize your team’s bandwidth.

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Automated Compliance and Security

Leverage years of best practices and expert-backed insights to stay compliant across your hybrid cloud environment. Quickly determine the drift in compliance posture and protect workloads. Provide workload visibility, cloud risk posture management, and cloud workload protection enforcement within one unified solution.

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Improved Operational Efficiencies

Easily monitor and report on your risk and compliance with proactive risk management for the hybrid cloud. Ensure secure and compliant workload deployments to the hybrid cloud with existing security policies, without boundaries between your internal and external clouds for a unified efficient operation.


Tackle digital risks with a truly agile solution

Provide your government departments and agencies with real-time visibility, automable enforcement actions and a digital risk management solution to proactively secure the mission.