PCI Requirements

PCI-DSS is a set of security guidelines to ensure secure credit card transactions. It applies to all companies that process, store, transmit, or accept credit card information, regardless of size or number of transactions. Its primary purpose is to reduce the risk of debit and credit card loss and limit identity theft.

PCI outlines 12 requirements, with each one containing its sub-requirements — for an overall total of 251 requirements required to pass for compliance.

Achieving and maintaining compliance is difficult. Only 29% of companies continue to be PCI-DSS compliant after one year, and after seven months of noncompliance, PCI-DSS fines can go up to $100k per month. After just one month of noncompliance, fines can reach $10k per month, with $5k per month being the absolute minimum.

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pci compliance with RiskForesight

Continuous Compliance Solution with RiskForesight

RiskForesight implements continuous compliance to ensure you are meeting PCI compliance across your infrastructure and applications. We will track and report compliance adherence to PCI requirements and will determine the impact of compliance due to changes in configurations and vulnerabilities by application. RiskForesight detects compliance drift and how to bring it back into compliance.

We support automated Information Assurance (IA) controls and reporting against global configuration benchmarking standards and automatically creates audit and compliance package reports as proof of compliance.

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