GDPR Requirements

GDPR requirements apply to each member state of the European Union, aiming to create more consistent protection of consumer and personal data across EU nations. Critical elements of the GDPR privacy and data protection requirements include:

  • Requiring the consent of subjects for data processing
  • Anonymizing collected data to protect privacy
  • Providing data breach notifications
  • Safely handling the transfer of data across borders
  • Requiring individual companies to appoint a data protection officer to oversee compliance

GDPR mandates a baseline set of standards for companies that handle EU citizens’ data to safeguard the processing and movement of citizens’ data.

According to the Ponemon Institute, compliance with GDPR requirements is considered extremely difficult. More than 90% of the respondents to Ponemon’s research suggest technical compliance is the most difficult set of regulatory requirements for to achieve.

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Continuous Compliance Solution with RiskForesight

Caveonix RiskForesight implements continuous compliance to ensure GDPR compliance across your infrastructure and applications. RiskForesight tracks and reports compliance adherence to GDPR requirements and determines the impact of vulnerabilities and configuration changes to your compliance baseline. RiskForesight detects compliance drift and provides recommendations to bring your applications back into compliance.

Caveonix supports automated Information Assurance (IA) controls and reporting against global configuration benchmarking standards. RiskForesight automatically creates audit and compliance package reports with detailed audit artifacts attesting to your compliance.

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