Security and Compliance Automation for the Enterprise

Caveonix RiskForesight protects your hybrid and multi-cloud environment and speeds your journey to continuous compliance by automating security and compliance as part of a complete Integrated Risk Management solution.  RiskForesight enables you to detect, predict, and act on security vulnerabilities and continuously reviews your systems for compliant configurations.  RiskForesight’s visibility into your cloud infrastructure, operating systems, and applications ensures your full-stack is covered.

Through automation, RiskForesight addresses and mitigates both cyber and compliance risk management, including requirements for vulnerability management, security and operations, internal audit, governance and compliance, and configuration management.

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Vulnerability Management

A typical day in the life of a security engineering team is to follow a continuous and cyclical vulnerability management process which includes:

  • Running scans to identify and classify vulnerabilities
  • Prioritizing the vulnerabilities and providing recommendations 
  • Mitigating and addressing the root cause 
  • Retesting to ensure the vulnerability is resolved and maintain security
  • Creating vulnerability reports
Vulnerability Management
Risk Reduction

Caveonix RiskForesight enables you to automate your vulnerability management process by:

  • Automating scans and determining the frequency 
  • Running the Caveonix intelligent risk mitigation analysis implementing the 80/20 rule for vulnerability prioritization  
  • Displaying real-time dashboards for tracking resolution and progress
  • Providing built-in integration into various ticketing systems
  • Automatically creating numerous reports for status updates
Security Operations

Security Operations

A typical day in the life of a Security Operations Center (SOC) is to detect, investigate, and respond to threats by:

  • Detecting threats and anomalies
  • Leveraging forensics tools for root cause analysis 
  • Responding to Alerts and Monitoring
  • Creating support tickets 
  • Generating various reports 

Caveonix RiskForesight allows you to improve the efficiency of your Security Operations Center by:

  • Displaying  detailed threat, anomaly, and vulnerability information to act on
  • Incorporating advanced forensic capabilities to drill down into logs and various events
  • Providing detailed alarms and alerts
  • Generating detailed reports summarizing critical information such as the number of issues opened and resolved, the number of tickets created, the number of events, network flow data
Security Operations Dashboard

Configuration Management

Most breaches are due to improper configurations and poor patch hygiene. These are also some of the most difficult components of compliance management.  A typical day in the life of an application owner and system administrator is to ensure proper configuration management by:

  • Detecting configuration issues in both the infrastructure platform and the application
  • Determining the impact to compliance and security
  • Identifying issues with compliance hygiene
  • Prioritizing configuration issues
Configuration Management
Misconfiguration list

Caveonix RiskForesight allows you to address your configuration management process as part of your overall compliance risk solution by:

  • Detecting improper or misconfigured settings at the infrastructure and application layer
  • Running Caveonix’s intelligent risk mitigation analysis implementing the 80/20 rule for configuration prioritization
  • Displaying real-time dashboards for tracking resolution and progress
  • Integrating into various ticketing systems
  • Generating playbooks for addressing configuration issues
  • Creating numerous reports for status updates
Internal Audit


A typical day in the life of an internal auditor is to work in conjunction with the configuration and compliance governance teams to ensure compliance by:

  • Running test routines for each of the compliance controls
  • Documenting control compliance and deviations from compliance requirements
  • Creating detailed external audit reports

Caveonix RiskForesight enables your internal auditors to make sure you are meeting your compliance requirements process by:

  • Clearly documenting the success and pass failures for each control
  • Generating the detailed audit reported showing outstanding issues that need to be fixed either form a compliance control perspective or from a configuration perspective
  • Displaying real-time dashboards for tracking resolution and progress
  • Automatically creating comprehensive audit reports
Audit Report

Governance and Compliance

A typical day in the life of your governance & compliance team is to manage the organizations overall governance by ensure you are meeting and maintaining compliance by:

  • Building the various packages for each required compliance regulation
  • Creating and collecting all of the various artifacts, documentation, and process information required for each regulation
  • Generating audit and compliance packages
Governance and Compliance
HIPAA Compliance Dashboard

Caveonix RiskForesight enables your governance and compliance team to achieve and maintain compliance by:

  • Providing a full compliance control catalog for various regulations
  • Enabling you to document your manual controls for inclusion in the full compliance package
  • Automating compliance controls for testing
  • Monitoring continuously for pass or fail status of each control
  • Displaying real-time dashboards for detailing controls and status for each regulation
  • Creating automatically comprehensive compliance package reports