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Comprehensive digital security and compliance posture management

Security is a cross-industry threat. With many industry- and country-specific regulatory standards to consider and an expansive cloud environment to manage, securing and managing digital risk is no easy task. Provide your enterprise with full visibility across your cloud computing environments and govern your digital transformation. Take a proactive stance against digital risk and improve your cyber resilience to mitigate data breaches, reduce your attack surface and safeguard your data against cyber threats. 


Power your enterprise with

industry-backed best practices

Eliminate the fear of lawsuits and the high cost of non-compliance. We provide you with an easy-to-use compliance and audit management solution—including catalogs for over 25 industry- and country-specific compliance standards. Regularly updated to new governing standards, you can utilize the platform regardless of the industry you’re in. Through our integration of workload vulnerability scans and configuration checks, you can be sure of our platform’s ability to provide maximum coverage over your hybrid cloud and stack. 


Financial Sector

Ensure continuous compliance for your financial organization. With visibility and governance into your cloud environments, you can eliminate security and compliance risk.

Caveonix Cloud scales to ingest millions of data points, delivering precisely the information you need to make critical and sound risk mitigation decisions. 

Easily understand complex cloud scenarios for continuous risk assessment via endpoint assessments for:


Healthcare sector

Make the best security decisions for your healthcare organization. Ensure patient safety, eliminate disruptions to mission-critical equipment and protect information seamlessly. 

Eliminating threats with a prioritized risk-based approach, Caveonix Cloud identifies the most critical assets and controls to ensure your healthcare organization can prioritize your resources and remediate security and compliance control failures. 

Our platform natively understands complex cloud scenarios and is designed to perform predictive analytics for continuous risk assessment, with endpoint assessments aligned to:

      • HIPAA
      • NIST RMF/SP 800-53
Public 1

Public Sector

Ensure your government organization is compliant with regulations, standards, and security best practices through cyber risk management. 

The rapid adoption of the cloud for federal agencies has created new and increasingly complex challenges and complexities not yet seen before, making it critical that applications adhere to the ever-changing security parameters of compliance and data protection.

WithCaveonix Cloud, you can protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of mission-critical systems for:  

  • CNSS 1253

Technology Sector

Protect your intellectual property and manage risk across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with visibility and prioritization of cyber threats. 

Easily identify and manage out high-risk control failures, and adhere to security best practices to drive prioritized remediation efforts. With Caveonix Cloud, you can record and proactively manage data for prioritized actions that deliver the highest impact possible.

Review your environment for security best practices and privacy frameworks for: 

  • ISO 27002
  • CSA
  • GDPR
  • NERC CIP and others

Retail Sector

Ensure your retail organization’s data security, from credit card cash flows to consumer personal information, with Caveonix Cloud. 

With the rise of online shopping and streamlined manufacturing, the retail  industry has become a target-rich environment

Keep your organization safe from the impact of a breach and quickly evaluate tangible risks across your environment. Prioritize work streams to increase your security assurance and manage cyber risk with Caveonix Cloud. 

Comply with: 

  • PCI
  • CSF
  • GDPR
  • Other privacy requirements

Compliance requirements you can cover

Our platform monitors your assets and provides continuous compliance 24/7. You’ll gain access to our heatmap which provides interactive data visualization, highlighting controls, control families and a pass/fail status of your asset for selected regulations.


GDPR (2)
PCI (2)
FedRamp (2)
ISO (2)
Core Features Background


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Visibility and Governance

Govern your move to a hybrid cloud and connect data from your existing data centers to provide application-aware visibility for full hybrid cloud defense. Provide your enterprise with the protection and control that it needs through a combination of enactments of government and industry regulations and compliance best practices.


Compliance and Audit Management

Simplify complex and arduous compliance and audit management processes and improve your enterprise's ability to capture accurate data for an upcoming audit. Designed to automate your audit processes, our platform gives your team the confidence to easily manage governance and compliance workflows, and reduce the time spent on creating artifacts by 50%.

Asset 32

Proactive Threat Monitoring

Stay ahead of threats against your hybrid cloud environment and strengthen your cyber resilience with minimal mitigation efforts. Proactively protect your cloud application deployment by taking advantage of our platform's ability to prioritize what you need to fix. Maintain your cybersecurity posture with risk scores that allows you to proactively benchmark your current performance to eliminate vulnerabilities. With our agentless system, you'll gain access to around-the-clock assessments of your assets to detect vulnerabilities before they become a threat.


Continuous Enforcement

Secure your business operations and continuously enforce security and protection across your hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. Respond to potential harmful user behaviours at the innovative speed of the cloud with machine learning capabilities and mitigate the risks of human error. Monitor your enterprise's entire cloud activity by orchestrating a network zero-trust policy across the hybrid and multi-cloud environments in seconds. You can now identify and remediate drifts in compliance within your infracture, quickly and easily.

One platform, three critical solutions.


Enforce security and compliance policies across all assets, and eliminate risks from cyber threats, vulnerabilities or non-compliant configurations. Caveonix RiskForesight provides private or public sector enterprises and service providers a full-proof platform for risk management, compliance risk and forensic management for any cloud, any stack.


As enterprises partake in digital initiatives to improve customer experience, adopt new business models, and expedite their operations, the reality behind digital transformation comes with its risks. Learn more about how Caveonix RiskForesight platform can protect your off and on-premise infrastructure, operating systems and application workloads with a solution that provides proactive protection from risks due to regulatory compliance issues and cyber threats. 

Public Sector

From federal agencies to state and local governments, our governments are moving their IT workloads into cloud computing environments to keep up with citizens' demand for a truly digital government experience. With highly sensitive information and mission-critical data to secure, government agencies require a highly intuitive platform that can both mitigate cyber and compliance risks. Learn more about how Caveonix RiskForesight platform can secure your government agencies off and on-premise infrastructures to protect our country's most valuable information.

Service Providers

Service providers looking to provide their customers with a digital risk and compliance Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution can truly benefit from our platform. As the first multi-tenant, off and on-premise service platform, you can expand your digital risk mitigation offerings to create new business opportunities. Provide your customers with a platform that implements proactive workload protection capabilities against risks from cyber threats and regulatory compliance issues. Learn more about what Caveonix can do for you and follow our partner's success to application-aware visibility and continuous cybersecurity into their digital operations.