Creation of 
Compliance Zones


Managed Security

Extending into the Customer’s Environment

RiskForesight is the first multi-tenant on-premise Cyber Risk & Compliance Management as a service platform for the hybrid cloud. With RiskForesight you can expand your service offerings creating new revenue opportunities by providing unrivaled hybrid cloud workload protection for your customers. RiskForesight is a multi-tenant aware solution designed and built for the Service Provider.   It provides both a Service Provider and Customer Portal log in capability and integration into the Service Provider Environment is made easy with an installation wizard that walks customers through a step-by-step setup wizard to connect RiskForesight to all of your customer’s environment.

Creation of Compliance Zones

Security and Compliance is a shared responsibility between you and your customer. Using RiskForesight, you can create multiple compliance zones for GDPR, PCI, FISMA, and other regulations, and offer premium, self-managed Compliance Management as a Service.

RiskForesights CMaaS dashboards provide complete control and visibility of the customer’s compliance across the entire stack from infrastructure to application. RiskForesight will continuously analyze and monitor the environment by addressing non-compliant issues.

Self-Managed as-a-Service

You can offer RiskForesight from your platform as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering for your customers to self-manage.  With Self-Management as a Service, you are responsible for the infrastructure and your customers are responsible for the workload they bring into the environment.

RiskForesight has created CMaaS, RMaaS, and FMaaS offerings to enable your customers to manage their cyber risk and compliance:

  • Compliance Management as a Service (CMaaS)
  • Risk Management as a Service (RMaaS)
  • Forensic Management as a Service (FMaaS)

In addition to charging your customers for each, these services can enable you to charge for additional infrastructure services, like storage, based on various compliance and retention time requirements.

The offerings come pre-packaged with all the reporting and billing capabilities immediately available for you to quickly and conveniently market as a SaaS offering. All of the service offering above are included as a single tiered pricing model for you.

Managed Security Services

For the Service Providers providing white glove services, the automation of RiskForesight can be used internally to manage your customer’s cyber risk and compliance more efficiently.  You can optionally provide your customer read-only visibility into the dashboards to see their cyber risk and compliance trends.

Extending into the Customers’ Environment

Most service providers are looking to take on more workloads from their customer’s. While you might only have a portion of a customer’s business today, RiskForesight enables expansion of your addressable market by expanding your ability to service workloads in the customer’s enterprise. RiskForesight allows you to extend your services into your customer’s enterprise environment, for single-pane management. The platform provides server workload-centric protection from both cyber threats and regulatory compliance issues with deep workload visibility and attack prevention capabilities without needing an agent installation.

With Risk Foresight, you can manage your customer’s risk and compliance needs across both its cloud and the on-site enterprise environment, creating valuable visibility into the customer’s applications and workloads.