Expand your Service Offerings

With RiskForesight, Service Providers are able to offer premium self-service offerings to their customers for continuous cyber risk and compliance management of their workloads in the hybrid cloud.

Risk Management
Solution (RMaaS)

Management Solution (CMaaS)

Self-Service Forensic
Management (FMaaS)

Risk Management Solution

RiskForesight’s Risk Management Solution provides a proactive and vigilant approach for identifying your risks due to cyber threats and vulnerability exploits through the automation implemented by the Detect, Predict and Act modules. It implements real-time active defense of your hybrid cloud and runs predictive analytics and machine learning to ensure security, network, compliance, and policy enforcement in addition to building quantitative risk mitigation models for each hybrid cloud workload. The proactive modeling of actions for risk reduction allows you to focus on prioritized steps of most significant impact to the environment can be protected with minimal resources.

Compliance Management Solution

RiskForesight’s Compliance Management Solution helps you to ensure regulatory compliance requirements, such as GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, ISO, NIST, FFIEC, FISMA, and FedRAMP, are met through continuous compliance.  This enables the enterprise to maintain a “full-stack” view of their workload configuration issues at the infrastructure, platform, and application level and continuously assess regulatory standards against their changing environment.  RiskForesight’s automated compliance management solution monitors each workload against a continually updated and mapped IA controls and standards library and identifies compliant and none compliant applications or not and against which controls.

Forensic Management Solution

With RiskForesight’s Forensic Management Solution you can quickly understand, identify, and respond to cybersecurity breaches and network intrusions through event detection, analytics, and visualization.  The solution collects logs and aggregates data from multiple sources with full drill down capability.