RiskForesight consists of three main modules: Detect, Predict, Act. These modules offer robust protection for applications and their workloads with active defense, including continuous, automated monitoring and risk posture analysis.

The Detect module identifies changes in the multi-cloud infrastructure, tenant workloads, network flows, and security policies through native integration into the cloud orchestration platforms. It maps all of the customer’s assets, and information flows to know precisely when a container or application is spinning up or down and what is happening to those workloads.   

The Predict module uses predictive analytics and machine learning to ensure security, network, compliance, and policy enforcement and builds quantitative risk mitigation models for each Hybrid Cloud workload. It uses these quantitative models to identify the 20% risk reduction steps that will deliver the most risk reduction, followed by the next 20%, and so forth. The proactive modeling and prioritization of actions allow operators to focus on the most significant impact with the minimal resources to avoid costly recovery operations after an attack. 

Based on this risk modeling, the Act module selects, which is the optimal control plane to perform a defensive or protective action. For example, one action may be to perform workload isolation at the security plane by deploying a security policy. Another action may be to shut down a workload at the compute plane or segment an application on the network plane.