Ensure a Secure and Compliant Journey to the Hybrid Cloud with RiskForesight

Caveonix’s flagship product, RiskForesight,  allows you to continuously detect, predict and act on security threats and vulnerabilities impacting their hybrid cloud workloads, offering full-stack visibility into cloud infrastructure, platforms, applications, and data.

With the Caveonix RiskForesight platform, you get proactive workload protection from risks due to Cyberthreats as well as regulatory Compliance issues. RiskForesight provides seamless and consistent hybrid cloud protection using a common Risk Management Control Plane (RMCP) across a hybrid multi-cloud setup, enabling you to see and manage cyber and compliance risks across a multi-cloud deployment environment for a more secure and compliant hybrid cloud.

Our Detect, Predict and Act modules detect changes in your infrastructure, and identify vulnerabilities or configuration issues to provide predictive foresight into cyber and compliance risks, allowing you to proactively mitigate risks before they become problems.

RiskForesight ensures that industry standards and government regulatory requirements to be met through continuous monitoring of GDPR, ISO, PCI, FISMA, HIPAA, FFIEC, GDPR, NESA, ISO, and others.


Gain Full Visibility into your Workloads

Quickly identify the location of your workloads and how to protect them as you can’t protect what you can’t see

Ensure you are Compliant while minimizing your Compliance Costs

Reduce your compliance costs by minimizing costly manual compliance checks through continuous automated monitoring

Improve your overall Cyber Risk and Compliance Posture

Predict Cyber Risk and Compliance posture and mitigate vulnerability and configuration exposures by active defense

Ensure a secure and compliant deployment to the hybrid cloud

Leverage your existing security policies without any boundary between internal and external clouds

Quickly Determine the Nature and Location of Risks and Actions to take using an Intuitive and Interactive Visualization


Customer Use Cases

  • Determine if your infrastructure and workloads are meeting compliance requirements
  • Assess your potential cyber risk and compliance impact on your workloads and how to mitigate
  • Gain visibility and determine what has changed in your hybrid cloud environment
  • Proactively manage your overall risks within your hybrid cloud before they can be exploited to reduce breaches
  • Identify specific actions to eliminate risks due to cyber threats, vulnerabilities or non-compliant configurations
  • Achieve faster time to detection with machine learning by analyzing volumes of data to understand good behavior and identify anomalies
  • Reduce your overall compliance costs due to automated controls and assessments
  • Eliminate blind spots by viewing the multi-dimensional grouping of assets across each of your locations, organizations, and application groups in your hybrid cloud
  • Build and enforce security and compliance policies based on the predictive analytics engine using network traffic flows across all applications

Supported Regulations: