Detect. Predict. Act

RiskForesight’s Detect, Predict and Act modules extend the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) risk management framework with continuous monitoring, quantitative risk analytics and protective actions.

Our advanced risk analytics and machine learning engine, CaveoIQ™, is always on, always learning, and always in search of cyber and compliance risks.

Continuous Visibility with Active Defense

RiskForesight’s analytics engine, CaveoIQ, performs full-stack assessments to build predictive risk mitigation models continuously, and to provide you prioritized workload actions in addition to infrastructure-level actions. CaveoIQ identifies Information Assurance (IA) control failures that require mitigation and checks your environment against industry regulations.

CaveoIQ detects abnormal behavior using machine learning and, combined with a multi-dimension analytics engine, assesses cyber and compliance risks. It continuously builds predictive risk mitigation models to provide a prioritized set of actions specific to each tenant’s workloads, as well as infrastructure level actions for the Service Providers.

RiskForesight’s Detect, Predict, and Act modules provide continuous visibility into workload deployments, predict risks using Machine Learning and CaveoIQ Risk Analytics engine, and act to defend workloads across the hybrid cloud landscape.

With our tools deployed, your service providers and tenant enterprises can proactively mitigate risks before they become problems.

Our Detect module identifies changes in the multi-cloud cloud infrastructure, tenant workloads, network flows, and security policies through native integration into the cloud orchestration platforms. It uses the latest cyber threat data and built-in (or external) scan data to identify vulnerabilities and configuration issues in the workloads.

Our Predict module provides you with predictive foresight into cyber and compliance risks and provides prioritized mitigation steps based on risk reduction models built by the CaveoIQTM risk analytics engine.

Our Act module provides you with risk mitigation through protective actions at manual, semi-automated or fully-automated levels, using native API-level integration.

By ensuring that you detect, predict and act on risk, RiskForesight ensures that your hybrid cloud workloads are at once protected continuously from cyber threats, and that you continue to meet the industry or regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI, FISMA, FedRAMP, HIPAA, GDPR, NESA, ISO, and other custom requirements.