Providing Bi-Directional Integration with AWS Security Hub

RiskForesight.io provides Caveonix RiskForesight solution as a SaaS offering for Service Providers and Enterprise customers globally.  AWS Security Hub provides you with a comprehensive view of your security state in AWS and helps you check your compliance with the security industry standards and best practices. Security Hub collects security data from across AWS accounts, services, and supported third-party partner products and helps you analyze your security trends and identify the highest priority security issues.  Security Hub is a dashboard within the AWS console where you can view findings generated by Caveonix RiskForesight

Caveonix RiskForesight automates the compliance and security posture management of your multi-cloud by continuously detecting, predicting, and acting on cyber and compliance risks. RiskForesight.io improves your multi-cloud compliance and reduces risk with intelligent risk mitigation using predictive analytics, implementing the 80/20 rule for risk prioritization. 

To start using the RiskForesight.io Hub integration, you must have a subscription to RiskForesight, which you can get from the AWS Marketplace and an environment within AWS.  

RiskForesight.io – Receives and Sends Findings from AWS Security Hub

Receiving Findings :

  • Aggregated findings related to S3, IAM and other AWS services
  • Identify impacted security and compliance controls specific to industry or government regulations
  • Provides summaries of Cyber and Compliance risk metrics for applications

Sending Findings:

  • Compliance and Cyber risk findings for RiskForesight protected workloads
  • Actionable alerts from the RiskForesight Managed services
  • Prioritized list of risk mitigations for maximum risk reduction

AWS Security Hub Integration

RiskForesight.io  integration setup with Security Hub is done within you AWS console. The steps are as follows:

  1. Log into your AWS account, and then navigate to Security Hub
  2. Click Integrations in the left navigation
  3. Scroll to Caveonix: RiskForesight
  4. Click Configure and then Enable