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Caveonix Cloud Hyperscale Cloud Security, Governance, and Compliance Platform to Accelerate AWS Migration

Caveonix Cloud, the hyperscale Cloud Security, Governance and Compliance Platform, speeds your Amazon Web Services (AWS) migration with Security, Compliance and IT Risk Management designed for hybrid cloud environments. Caveonix Cloud uniquely addresses the full stack needs of application deployments across AWS and private clouds so you can compete, grow and innovate while staying secure and compliant.

Cloud Security Posture Management

Builds cloud security posture using an API-based connection to hybrid cloud infrastructure and services. Conducts scheduled, ad-hoc or dynamic assessments of infrastructure resources and protects them with proactive, automated actions. Manages security findings and tracks their life cycle through resolution.


Agentless Cloud Workload Protection

Protects application workloads and containers integrated with the CI/CD pipeline enabling DevSecOps. Enables proactive actions and the deployment of Zero-Trust network security with topology maps and policy deployments.


Governance and Risk Control

Provides cloud governance with continuous audit for compliance drift monitoring. Streamlines the creation of audit artifacts and documentation. Reduces compliance costs, automates assessments, and supports regulatory and industry compliance requirements.


Leave a paper trail

Caveonix integrates risk management with risk findings lifecycle manager and audit documentation for total visibility into who makes what changes when, where and why.


Achieve ideal CSPM automatically

Improper encryption practices, liberal account permissions, multi-factor authentication, misconfigured network connectivity, exposed data storage and audit trails for critical activities, all monitored, all the time.


Caveonix cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP)

Integrates and consolidates the following core cloud-native security capabilities: 

  • Cloud security posture management (CSPM)
  • Build scanning/artifact scanning
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and container security scanning (SAST)
  • Cloud infrastructure entitlements management (CIEM)
  • Runtime cloud workload protection platform (CWPP)
  • Full stack Compliance and Governance management with workflows (GRC)
Core Features Background


Caveonix Cloud provides continuous visibility, compliance and governance of cyber and compliance risks across hybrid cloud workloads.


Accelerate AWS Migration

Provides a common view of security, compliance and governance for applications on-prem, in private cloud and during AWS migration.


Common Platform Across All Environments

Provides a holistic approach to IT Risk Management by providing Security Posture Management, Workload Protection and Governance with one integrated application.


Full Visibility from Analyst to CISO

Prevent blind spots by covering all your infrastructure, services, and workloads in an application context. Give executives a complete and accurate view of risk with facts at the application level.


Maximum Impact with Limited Resources

Provides automation and real-time analytics to detect, predict, and auto-remediate. Uses advanced analytics to identify critical issues to maximize the improvement in risk posture.




Case Study:
Caveonix Cloud Scalability Private Sector


Case Study:
Caveonix Cloud Public Sector Customer


Caveonix Cloud is available on AWS Marketplace.

Caveonix is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner.

Ely Kahn, Principal Product Manager, AWS

"Our team at AWS is proud to partner with Caveonix. They’ve continued innovating to create better solutions for their customers as cloud technologies have evolved, introducing the Caveonix Cloud Platform to serve as a central repository and offer CSPM, CWPP and GRC all in one. They are a great addition to our partner program."