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CWPP for Total Workload Protection

Risk mitigation across your hybrid environments


CWPP made simple by Caveonix:

  • An agentless Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP)
  • DevSecOps to protect application workloads and containers integrated with CI/CD pipeline 
  • Zero Trust network security with topology maps and policy deployments for proactive actions. 
  • Total control of application workload security 

Caveonix DefenseBot™, Reduce the Risk Window with Auto-Remediation

Digital workers that automate all your cybersecurity technical security controls, compliance assessments and remediation tasks from discovery through remediation across your hybrid and multi-cloud environments

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Detect risk anywhere with workload behavior monitoring

By monitoring your workload behavior, Caveonix can detect and alert to an intrusion anywhere in your hybrid cloud in real-time.


Prevents data breaches with Zero Trust

Adopt a “never trust, always verify,” security posture across your hybrid cloud by utilizing network segmentation, preventing lateral movements and defining granular user-access control for secure operations.


Workload visibility and configuration

View, modify and deploy security policies across different cloud stacks from our single, integrated console. No matter where your workloads run in your hybrid environment, Caveonix helps you avoid blind spots so you can view, monitor and configure workloads to better manage vulnerabilities and optimize systems.


Total application workload security, powered in a single dashboard

Quickly improve security posture with minimal effort. Caveonix integrates risk management with risk findings lifecycle manager and audit documentation for total visibility into who makes what changes when, where and why.


Hardens systems, eliminates vectors

Caveonix CWPP allows you to deploy applications in the cloud with confidence. Our CWPP solution identifies the applications, programs, permissions, and other threats that could pose a security risk through automated actions, reducing the exposure window.

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CWPP Resources

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Layer-in Zero Trust

Defending from Cloud Workload with Zero Trust.


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Achieve Total Compliance for Hybrid Cloud

Full Stack continuous security and compliance posture management. 

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Cloud security is affordable

You can access our various modules through our three-tiered pricing plans, relevant to your organization’s specific needs and constraints.