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CSPM with Caveonix

A single, unified view of your hybrid cloud security posture.

Features - Cloud

CSPM from Caveonix is:

  • An API-based connection to hybrid cloud environments
  • A single view of your combined infrastructure and services inventory across all clouds. 
  • The industry’s leading cloud security, compliance and governance dashboard for total visibility into risk. 
  • Security posture based on best practice CIS benchmarks 
  • Mapped to 25+ compliance regulations across industries.

Continuous visibility into multiple cloud environments

Continuously monitor your hybrid and multi-cloud deployment for risk and compliance from infrastructure up to application workload, whether virtual machines (VMs) or containers. Implement a proactive risk management strategy with prioritization support. Act in real time to mitigate security and compliance risks.


Alert to security problems in real time

Built-in scanners for a full 360-degree evaluation of risks due to configuration and security issues. Conduct scheduled, ad-hoc or dynamic assessments of infrastructure resources and protect them with proactive automated actions.


Reduce costs and improve security with RBAC and ABAC access controls

Gain a unified console view of risk, security, compliance and governance across your hybrid cloud, and manage your security wisely using Role and Attribute based access controls, alongside custom and built-in roles such as SOC user, compliance analyst, auditor, and management.


Leave a paper trail

Caveonix integrates risk management with risk findings lifecycle manager and audit documentation for total visibility into who makes what changes when, where and why.


Achieve ideal CSPM automatically

Improper encryption practices, liberal account permissions, multi-factor authentication, misconfigured network connectivity, exposed data storage and audit trails for critical activities, all monitored, all the time.

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Go Beyond CSPM

With Cloud Workload Protection and Proactive Risk Management. 

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Achieve Total Governance with GRC

Apply continuous governance to mitigate compliance drift and keep the environment exactly how you need it to be.

Features - Cloud

Cloud security is affordable

You can access our various modules through our three-tiered pricing plans, relevant to your organization’s specific needs and constraints.