Founded by industry veterans Tim Sullivan and Kaus Phaltankar, Caveonix comes from the latin word CAVEO which means to defend and protect. Having already successfully built four successful cybersecurity companies,  Tim and Kaus founded Caveonix with the mission of addressing the challenges of cloud workload protection in the hybrid cloud and to redefine comprehensive and continuous hybrid cloud workload protection on a single platform.

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Caveonix is re-defining risk management and protection for the  hybrid cloud. Caveonix’s flagship product, RiskForesight™, implements a proactive risk management framework that enables service providers and enterprises to continuously detect, predict and act on security threats and vulnerabilities impacting their hybrid cloud workloads, offering full stack visibility into cloud infrastructure, platforms, applications and data.

RiskForesight’s CaveoIQ predictive analytics engine leverages machine learning to build IT, cyber and compliance risk mitigation models across the full cyber control plane to ensure security, network, compliance and policy enforcement of all your cloud-based workloads.