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Caveonix and the IBM Cloud for Financial Services

Oct 7, 2020 12:58:51 PM


Migrating to a cloud-based environment is a challenging decision for organizations in the financial services industry. Many are hesitant due to the rigorous security and compliance requirements within the industry, as well potential losses from security breaches and a lack of consumer confidence in the systems and infrastructures.

To mitigate these risks and provide financial institutions with the flexibility of a cloud-based environment, IBM developed the IBM Cloud for Financial Services. This industry-leading public cloud ecosystem is tailored to the unique needs and requirements of the financial services industry. And Caveonix is proud to be one of IBM’s required partners within the Financial Services Security Policy Framework.

The Financial Services Security Policy Framework provides the core technology in the Cloud, giving users the sense of trust they need. Throughout Q1 and Q2 2020, we collaborated with IBM to refine the reference architecture and offer users our advanced security, compliance and risk management tools within the framework.

We integrated with IBM’s other required ISV partners like HyTrust, as well as IBM Security Advisor, to offer the most robust, all-in-one solution that addresses all workloads and platforms and requires no user-end configuration. Through this integration, our dashboard compiles full-stack reporting at the infrastructure and application workload level.

We believe IBM is blazing the trail with this unique cloud offering, and it will take the fear out of digital transformation in the financial services industry. With Caveonix as part of this solution, financial institutions have the continuous monitoring, enforcement and reporting needed to stay compliant with all industry regulations and be audit ready at any time.

While this cloud was developed with the financial services industry in mind, the same principles apply to other industries with regulated workloads. For example, those in healthcare, retail, energy and government can migrate and deploy applications in a secure and compliant manner using the IBM Cloud with Caveonix.

More information about the IBM Cloud for Financial Services is available here, and contact us to learn more about our digital risk management solutions both within and outside of the IBM Cloud.

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