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Why Cloud Security Posture Management is the Key to Complying with the New State-Issued Data Protection Regulations

Jan 24, 2020 4:20:15 PM

Securing data has been top of mind across enterprises for quite some time now. It began with the implementation of GDPR in the UK, and more recently in the US, as larger states begin to implement their own security compliance regulations in response to a lack of federal mandate. As a result, enterprises are being stressed and stretched thin, applying resources to ensure they are in compliance with the appropriate regulations to avoid potentially hefty fines. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL), at least 25 states have laws that address data security practices of private sector entities. These include new regulations in enterprise-heavy areas like California (California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)) and New York (New York SHIELD Act). 

In the case of CCPA, a report put out by the State of California assessed that firms may have to pay upwards of $55 billion in initial compliance costs as a result of the bill. And, as enterprise cloud environments become more and more complex, we should expect regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, New York SHIELD Act and others, to become more complex, too. In addition to the changes, governments all over the world will be developing their own compliance regulations. 

To many enterprises, specifically large corporations and government agencies in charge of managing and protecting immense amounts of data, this new norm can seem daunting. However, with a Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solution like Risk Foresight, enterprises can automate compliance to reduce this stress, keep data protected, and secure their hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Regardless of the tools, policies and leadership used to achieve and drive CSPM, you should realize benefits such as: 

Ensure you are compliant, while reducing unnecessary costs. 

If you're already GDPR compliant, do you really need a separate audit completed to meet the new state-specific requirements? RiskForesight utilizes existing compliance regulations and creates a master map that tells you quickly and easily if you already meet new compliance requirements. You simply run an analysis once and you know exactly what steps you need to take next, if any. This efficient requirements mapping helps save time and resources by giving you a quick, clear picture of your workload so you can reduce risk and achieve compliance. This automated process eliminates human error and minimizes costly manual compliance checks -- and lets your team focus on more important tasks. 

RiskForesight also improves Risk & Compliance with Predictive analytics and allows operators to focus on the most significant impact with minimal resources to avoid costly recovery operations.

Keep visibility and control on pace with expanding cloud growth and workloads, eliminating blind spots. 

RiskForesight quickly identifies the location of your workloads and protects them with 24x7 monitoring. As companies migrate workloads to a hybrid cloud environment, there are numerous hazards to overcome, such as the lack of complete visibility, inconsistent security and policy frameworks and differing enforcement and technology implementations. RiskForesight allows you to easily navigate around these hazards by providing full control, visibility, and automation from the enterprise to the hybrid cloud. It is the only solution focused on hybrid cloud and multi-cloud workloads regardless of where they are located and fully implements CSPM requirements by integrating into Cloud Workload Protection Platforms through various partners such as Fortinet, Hytrust and VMware NSX. This allows enterprises to essentially have a full cloud risk posture management for risk and compliance, with built in orchestration, provided as a standardized framework. 

Gain agile foundation for future compliance and risk management decisions
Today businesses’ unit leaders and executives are pressed to make risk management decisions about all manner of data and connectivity-intensive corporate pivots, product launches, M&A and other strategic moves. The pace and stakes of cyber risk mean it is not feasible or responsible to make these decisions based on incomplete assumptions of assets and risk, or but them off indefinitely while yet another one-off, crash-course security program reboot takes place. A CSPM should establish the flexible visibility, control and risk-based lens logically required to meet both current and future regulations, whether they are incremental changes from today’s regulations, or new measures entirely. 

Caveonix is blazing the trail for CSPM. RiskForesight is the only solution that addresses hybrid cloud and multi-cloud workload cybersecurity, regardless of where they are located, and truly solves compliance and security posture management for enterprises in a way where there is complete visibility across the entire stack. Overall, it makes your cyber risk processes more efficient, productive, and accurate, and it continuously monitors for compliance and provides detailed status on passed and failed control.  

According to Gartner, nearly all successful attacks in the cloud are the result of customer misconfiguration, mismanagement, and mistakes. Enterprises can proactively and reactively identify and remediate misconfiguration risks with CPSM solutions. 


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