Hybrid cloud security and compliance under the Las Vegas lights

Apr 24, 2019 8:56:50 AM


Previewing Dell Technologies World

In Las Vegas next week, IT compliance and security pros will be focused on the growing stakes of managing hybrid cloud ecosystems powering their greatest IT assets. This is a prime theme of Dell Technologies World, April 29 through May 2, a conference we are excited to support and attend as a key partner of Dell EMC. The theme of this year’s event, Real Transformation,” gets at the heart of businesses’ inherent risk management issue across industries: “How do we transform our company through the cloud without upending data security, compliance and other internal controls in the process?”

Working closely with Dell and enterprises customers, our team at Caveonix knows that at these types of strategic cloud conferences and conversations, security and compliance cannot be viewed as esoteric add-ons – they need to be framed as objectives you use hybrid cloud assets and postures to help achieve.

As you arrive in Las Vegas or follow the #DellTechWorld buzz via streaming or social, look for impressions of how companies are rethinking what digital transformation means for security and compliance. After all, if risk is everywhere – there should be accompanying opportunity around every corner as well. What opportunity does this present for rethinking IT policies and business processes? What should executives and technology leaders monitor and measure to gauge the pace and effects of transformation? No two answers are the same and this frames important questions for C-Level, technology, risk and other managers to address together.

Reach out to info@caveonix.com or visit us at Booth 132 at the conference to talk about these questions with us. At Caveonix, we focus all our energy into finding the most efficient ways to improve security and compliance for hybrid clouds spanning internal data centers, commercial cloud providers and other partners. Our software platform, RiskForesight™ is relied upon by cloud titans like Dell EMC and corporate customers everywhere to scale visibility and control over data with clouds’ explosive agility and horsepower.

For example, next week we’ll be talking with attendees about how we help enterprises manage cloud implications of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California’s Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). Specifically, these regulations are challenging service providers and enterprises on space and real-time visibility. These requirements are now demanding that organizations retain data for 7-9 years in case of an audit, ultimately challenging organizations on where to store this data. These regulations are also challenging organizations to understand at all times where that stored data, how it is protected, and how it is used while applying those same rules to all incoming data.

Through our partnership with Dell, we work together addressing these needs by combining our technology with Dell’s into a single solution called Risk and Compliance Management as a Service Solution (RCMaaS). This new solution allowed Dell to offer a better method to maintain cloud compliance and give organizations the peace of mind of a solution built on an industry leading stack including Dell PowerEdge Servers, Dell EMC Isilon Storage, VMWare through VCPP, and Caveonix RiskForesight™.

Additionally, RCMaaS utilizes Caveonix’s RiskForesight to enable service providers and enterprises the ability to address the compliance requirements for single or multiple hybrid cloud environments. This feature comes from the unique scalability that we developed with RiskForesight, which provides a real-time and monitoring solution that analyzes and fixes any potential compliance issues.

Follow Caveonix on LinkedIn or @caveonix for our team’s latest thoughts on Dell Technologies World and other events and look us up in Vegas for a technology demo between talks at the show. We are excited to join the outstanding team at Dell EMC for what promises to be a very timely and productive conference week.


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