By David Scruggs

Vice President of Sales at Caveonix

As I officially start my first month at Caveonix, I feel it’s a good time to introduce myself as the new VP of Sales, to give you some information about my background, explain why I chose Caveonix, and why, even after one short week of onboarding, I’m even more excited to be here.

Before I dive in, it would be a mistake to not address what is happening in the world right now. The scale and seriousness of the Covid-19 outbreak is not lost on me and our team is supporting customers and thinking first of everyone’s safety and sanity during this difficult time.

As someone who has worked in information security since I joined Internet Security Systems in 2002, it is also not lost on me that during this difficult time technologies will be pushed to their limits in a way no one has witnessed before. Specifically for enterprises and government agencies who are working with complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments that are enabling a mass telework effort to help minimize the rate of contraction. Coming from the threat detection side of security, it is hard for me to not look at this situation and realize the importance of cybersecurity in enabling companies to continue to operate remotely and what that means.

What drew me to Caveonix is the RiskForesight strategy. It bolsters zero trust posture associated with applications and workloads, which is where most data essentially resides. Similarly to cleaning up a house, this means organizing and assessing security operations. Identify and remediate known weaknesses – this is where Caveonix comes in. Our ability to continuously scan and identify where there are systems at risk enables security teams to effectively strengthen the immunity of their environment.

The second thing that drove me to select Caveonix, is the compliance and governance piece of the business. When we sell risk and compliance management, we’re selling assurance of good cyber hygiene. It’s preventative care. RiskForesight validates that organizations have met a state of regulatory compliance – meaning teams are operating within a best practice of how their organization and assets are being treated.

You have to evaluate security companies as to whether or not they’re a vitamin or an aspirin. Are they preventative care? Are they actually treating pain and risk as an expert?

Posture management is a rapidly growing space as companies go through their transformation from traditional data centers to hybrid. Multi-cloud customers are doing it faster than anyone anticipated. Our RiskForesight platform is applicable to large organizations that are leveraging the efficiencies and scale of the cloud, but also are still maintaining physical presence inside private cloud and private data center environments.

As the result of cloud transitions, companies are going to end up with assets across service provider platforms, multiple public cloud infrastructures and infrastructures they own and for which they have responsibility. RiskForesight allows for a single platform of risk and compliance across all those domains, meaning an asset can be treated with the same level of care and expectation, regardless of where it resides.

The Caveonix team has established some great alliance partnerships with Dell EMC, VMware, IBM Cloud, etc. I look forward to growing our partner program to deliver excellent multi-tenant offerings for service providers to offer to clients.

I’m thrilled to be joining the Caveonix team as VP of Sales! Bringing over 20 years of experience with leading technology companies, I’m looking forward to developing the commercial, government, channels and pre-sales engineering programs worldwide. Caveonix has an amazing team and I’m excited to continue the great momentum by delivering tremendous customer outcomes.