Vodafone Invites Caveonix to Advise on Transformation and Cybersecurity

by Caveonix

Recently, Vodafone launched a new series of events at ITU Vodafone Future Lab to discuss the opportunities of technological transformation with business partners. During the “Future Lab Tech Talks” our CEO and Co-Founder, Kaus Phaltankar was invited to speak to Vodafone Business customers about the impact of digital transformation on the business world, the latest developments in cloud technologies and ways to avoid cyber threats.

The event opened with Vodafone Turkey’s Chief Enterprise Business Unit Officer, Meltem Bakiler Şahin, conveying the benefits of increasing dialogue with partners. The first of the series called “Future Lab Tech Talks” was realized in collaboration with VMware, one of the leading companies in private cloud technology.

Phaltankar, a veteran technology leader, was the first guest of “Future Lab Tech Talks“. He has many patents and a book called Network Security. Phaltankar worked for companies like Dell Technologies, Virtustream, Verizon, Hewlett Packard and Citicorp. During the event, Vodafone business partners had the opportunity to ask Kaus about digital transformation and cybersecurity.

“Preparing our business partners for the world that is being reshaped by digital transformation is among our priorities,” said Vodafone’s Sahin. “Many companies struggle with the extent of digitalization and Vodafone supports its customers’ business processes with fast, smart solutions to improve their efficiency.”

“With the backup and disaster recovery center services provide, we take precautions to ensure that our customers do not lose data, and ensure that they are not affected by external threats through the security services we activate. This way, customers can store their data securely and access it when needed. As Vodafone, we will continue to support our customers’ business processes with smart solutions and offer flexible, scalable and secure opportunities that will increase their productivity in parallel with digital transformation. At the Future Lab Tech Talks activities that we have started to perform at ITU Vodafone Future Lab, we will discuss these opportunities and discuss how we can reflect on our businesses as productivity and production increase. As Vodafone, we continue to play an active role in the digital transformation of our companies,” Sahin added.